AyurvedaDinacharya (Daily Routine)

Dinacharya (Daily Routine)

I was blessed to be able to study with Vital Veda recently as the world was in lockdown, and we dove deep into the ancient teachings of Ayurveda and the importance of Dinacharya (daily routine)

This is by far the most important shift I have ever made to my life. To commit to honouring your body daily and supporting its needs is something we could all benefit from.  Here is my Dinacharya that I practice every day give or take a few exceptions. 

  1. Wake up with the sun
  2. Scrap tongue and eliminate
  3. Abhyanga massage (self massage with medicated oil) 
  4. Drink warm water to flush toxins
  5. Sattva Meditation Practice 
  6. Shower
  7. Sattva Yoga Practice 
  8. Create a beautiful day! 


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