TravelDiscovering India

Discovering India

If you want to awaken your senses travel to India.  My first trip to India was November 2019 and I must admit I was a little nervous. Discovering a new country is a mixture of excitement and apprehension for the unknown a little like any new relationship.

My first stop was Delhi albeit brief it was an introduction to Indian life. Little personal space to be had and the sounds and smells of a big city, it was great to feel like a tourist again.  There is something special about seeing, hearing and feeling a new destination that was always just an imagination of the mind.  Here she was no longer a picture of the mind but a living, breathing energy. Mother India.

For my month long stay I was bound for Rishikesh, the birthplace of yoga.  It was everything and more that I had imagined. India truly taught me the lesson of surrender, especially from our Western ways of living.  How easily can you adapt and let go? Let go of what you think you need in order to be physically, mentally and emotionally comfortable. To see what happens if you simply make do with what you have in the moment. 

India gave me so much to be thankful for, new friendships, the bliss of Mother Nature and the Himalayas, my Guru and ancient yogic teachings that have truly changed my life.  I know I will be back and look forward to exploring all she has to offer. 

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