Sattva Now provides the student with ancient teachings for the modern world. To open the heart and mind, to the brilliance of life which creates an experience of wholeness within the individual.

is Sattva?

Sattva in Sanskrit means whole. 

Sattva Yoga is one of the most comprehensive approaches to yoga in the world today. With its roots in the timeless Vedantic and Tantric Traditions, Sattva Yoga was developed in the Himalayas by modern day Master, Anand Mehrotra. The teachings are radical, and the practice; transformative and holistic. 

These practices are designed to awaken each practitioner to their True nature. To increase strength, build vitality and create mental clarity. To help raise our consciousness and enable us to live a life full of joy and possibility. 

Sattva Yoga Practices meets you where you are at. From the beginner to a seasoned practitioner it provides a complete and powerful pathway to Self Mastery and a radically alive life.

What is Kriya?

Kriya is action that leads us to evolution, expansion and liberation.

The practice of kriya is a tool for people to increase their ability to hold and sustain increasing energy of kundalini. Kriya is working with the electricity of the body. Kriya involves a continual movement leading to an internal meditation.

Kriya is a specific technique or action designed to create a specific evolutionary response in the practitioner.

Kriya Yoga breaks the bondage of Karma, leading us to a life of Dharma; purpose and attunement with Nature. It is the Science of Self- Realisation.

Sattva Now was created from this realisation of living life in the NOW and being present to the beauty that life is offering us each and everyday. 

Himalayan Breath Work

Prana means (life force) energy, yama means tuning, so the word Pranayama really means the art, the practice and the state where our understanding is in tune and aligned, with the natural law. 

In the yogic tradition, the doorway to this prana is through the breath. The potential for prana is infinite, but working with the breath is just the beginning of pranayama. 

It is the entry point to correcting your perception and refining your nervous system so it can start to have access to more and more energy and allow the great kundalini to rise and move through you without the body resisting the free flow of prana and going into shock as it awakens to your own infinite potential. 

When we breathe consciously, we are expanding energy in our physical and spiritual bodies. Without breath there is no yoga and the more we practice pranayama, the greater we benefit physically, mentally and spiritually.